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$20/ monthly

Get complete control and flexibility with our Cloud VPS

  • 512 MB/ 1 CPU
  • 20 GB SSD Disk
  • 1TB Transfer
  • Self Managed Command Line Access
  • Free Migration


$80/ monthly

Get complete control and flexibility with our Cloud VPS

  • 2GB 2 CPU
  • 40GBSSD Disk
  • 3 TB Transfer
  • Webmin Panel
  • Chat Support


$120/ monthly

Get complete control and flexibility with our Cloud VPS

  • 4GB 2 CPU
  • 60 GB SSD Disk
  • 4 TB Transfer
  • Webmin Panel
  • Phone and Email Support

Dedicated Servers

Experience enterprise class dedicated resources at a fraction of a cost.

About VPServers Pro

Premium Service

We are the web's premium hosting provider that combines web hosting services, top notch reliability, high customer service standards, and best of all affordability!

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Enterprise Class

And all our web hosting server is base on enterprise class server. Our systems are equipped with server and support a wide variety of useful components and popular Web technologies.

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Questions and answers

1What are VP Cloud Servers?
Our infrastructure allows you to provision cloud servers in seconds on a highly redundant hardware platform, scale cloud servers with ease, pay only for what you use, cancel cloud servers anytime with no commitments, and save significant time and money. Much like a physical system, our cloud servers allow you to have full administrative access and operate any software you wish. In essence, our cloud servers combine simplicity, security, and scalability with the reliability of the latest virtualization and cloud hosting platform.
2What is the difference between a Cloud Server and a Dedicated Server?
Our Cloud Servers offer far greater flexibility vs. a dedicated server. Cloud servers can be created in seconds, easily scaled up, and deleted whenever you wish. You only pay for what you use with our Cloud Servers, and there are no long-term commitments.
3What is the difference between a Cloud Server and a VPS?
Typically, a VPS is offered as a contracted service with fixed features (CPU, RAM and Hard Drive). With most VPS offerings, the resources you pay for are not guaranteed and are often oversold. A Cloud Server allows you to pay for only what you use and easily scale from 512 MB of RAM and a single processor to 64 GB of RAM and multiple CPUs. Additionally, we not only guarantee access to the resources you are paying for when you need them, you can also burst to use additional resources when they are not in use.



VP Servers Pro provides enterprise hosting and server services since 2010 with amazing price. Don't see something that suits your needs? Get a free custom quote from one of our hosting experts.

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Get exactly what you pay for We don’t believe in offering you “unlimited plans” that actually require costly upgrades in order to meet your expectations and requirements and slow down other websites due to abusers. We believe you should only pay for the resources that you need, period.






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